About company

Company Werden – one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market of heat-retaining containers, was established on the basis of the Polish company Electromet, companies with more than 25-year history. We use the latest developments in the European the field of heat, producing a 100% Ukrainian product is not inferior to quality and reliability of Western counterparts.

  • Welding
    Welding machines are manufactured on Fronius (Austria). Automated welding allows to achieve a perfect weld quality is not available in manual welding, and meets all European requirements.

  • Plasma cutting of metal
    Plasma cutting of metal produced at the company’s hardware Powermax

  • Own sewing workshop
    Own sewing workshop produces sewing slipcovers individual colors and sizes.


The company is constantly working to improve its products.

The result of this work was the development of our unique
inzhnerov – flat teploakumuliruyuschie capacity, decisive
installation problem in rooms with narrow doorways.


Product quality is confirmed not only by certificates,
but stable interest in the company’s products, and of course
reviews our customers.