Using a storage vessel with solid boilers have a number of advantages:

Fuel savings of up to 30%

Using the storage vessel can significantly reduce heat loss and thus regularly save up to 30 percent fuel.

It reduces the amount of fuel in the boiler downloads

Classic solid fuel boilers require constant fuel load, because after burning the entire heating system quickly begins to cool. Buffer tank, accumulates excess heat and when the fuel burns in the boiler, hot water from the tank continues to circulate through the heating system several chasov.Vladeltsy solid fuel boilers with an automatic fuel supply also benefit.

It increases the efficiency of the heating system

Buffer tank combines all the components of the system and allows you to use them as efficiently and cost-effectively

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    Solid fuel boiler is heated during the day, accumulating the maximum amount of heat, and at night the electric boiler ‘warms up’ system for a cheap night tariff.
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    By connecting the buffer vessel system “warm floors”, which is heated by a coil located within the container.

Increases Safety and service life of the heating system

To ensure the quality of burning fuel containing various substances, including tar and acids are released during the combustion of wood, the boiler must always work at full power. Buffer capacity of the boiler protects the system from overheating, collecting and accumulating excess heat.

It facilitates the maintenance of the boiler and chimney

The buffer capacity is not only cost effective, but also, thanks to the complete combustion and prevents clogging of the flue tarry deposits.

It prevents atmospheric pollution

When the system has no buffering capacity, the boiler can not always operate at 100% capacity or it overheats. To reduce the temperature of reduced air supply to the boiler, which leads to the “incomplete combustion” and the release of carbon monoxide through the chimney, polluting the atmosphere. When the buffer capacity available all the excess heat is accumulated, the boiler operates at full capacity, at the same time emits carbon dioxide, which is known to processed plants.